5 tips for more natural, healthy looking skin

March 21, 2016


Here at Island Bum, we think it is important to look after your skin and find natural ways to give it that healthy glow. Below are our 5 favorite tips to more natural, healthy looking skin…


 1. Body scrub – some people use salt in their body scrub and others use sugar. We like the benefits of a salt scrub as it contains minerals that are beneficial to the body. Some people like a rock salt or even dead sea salt, but we found the best salt to use is a powder form of sea salt as it is less abrasive on sensitive skin and dissolves more easily. View our scrub HERE which uses our favorite 5 tips all in 1..


2. Exfoliating - using a salt scrub or exfoliating glove is a great way to get rid of dry, dead skin and it also improves circulation that helps to give you a healthy glow. After exfoliating the skin is left beautifully soft ready to absorb a good moisturizer. It is also good to exfoliate before shaving to avoid in-grown hairs and using an oil like coconut oil at the same time to moisturize, the effects can be even better.


3. Coconut oil – using coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer that doesn’t have any chemicals or additives like some store bought moisturizers. Coconut oil protects the skin from the sun, it prevents dry skin by helping the skin to retain its moisture content. Coconut oil also has anti-aging properties and anti-bacterial uses. If you use it along with salts or sugars you will be able to clean out any substances that may have blocked the pores without leaving the skin feeling irritated. Our scrub uses organic coconut oil, view HERE..


4. Kukui oil – another oil that nourishes and protects the skin. The Kukui Tree is the state tree of Hawaii. Its oil has been used for thousands of years by the Hawaiian people to keep them safe from the harsh demands of island life (sun, salt, and wind). The oil from the kukui nut is easily absorbed into the skin to leave it feeling silky smooth and forms a protective barrier on the skin. It contains linolenic acid, which helps to heal certain skin conditions. It has also been used in modern time to treat sunburns, eczema, chapped skin, psoriasis, acne, scars, and maturing skin. We here at Island Bum have fallen in love with its qualities and use it on a daily basis ourselves. Want to see Kukui's benefits first hand.. view HERE..


5. Essential oils – essential oils like rosemary oil and lavender are well known for relaxation but have you tried key-lime oil too? Our lifestyles can have a negative effect on our skin so it is good to slow down, meditate and take time to relax. Key Lime is an essential oil that helps us slow down and find a sense of harmony and calm. Not only will the scent of key lime remind you of tropical climates, but beyond its sweet and tart aroma, it can also be applied topically to help heal acne prone skin and insect bites.

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