What are Turkish Towels?? and why are they so awesome??

What are Turkish Towels?? and why are they so awesome??


As far as must have beach accessories go, towels are high up there on the list.. But you probably haven’t given much thought to the type of towel you use… until now. Here at Island Bum we have a new favorite towel, the Turkish Towel.. Once we started using them we were hooked, so we decided to make our own!  Click here to see our Turkish Towels..


What is a Turkish Towel? And why are they so awesome?

Turkish Towels or Peshtemals (the traditional name) originated from Anatolia, Turkey nearly 600 years ago. Today mostly around the world they are referred to as a beach towel or travel towel. They are made from premium natural Turkish cotton fibers and were originally used in Turkish baths (Hammams) as a luxury or an experience. As the years have passed, the Turkish towel has grown beloved by millions. They are very popular in European countries and slowly starting to make their way to the USA.


Multiple uses you say?

What makes Turkish towels so great is they are lightweight, super absorbent, and dry very quickly; making them the perfect accessory for traveling, the beach, the gym, yoga classes, sarongs, fashion accessories, throw blankets.. the list goes on. They are thinner than normal towels so they take up less room in your beach bag and you can pack more towels in the same space. They become more absorbent and softer and softer the more you use, or wash them. Just like any great relationship, it improves with age.


We love our new Island Bum Turkish Towels and think you will too, as they offer so many different applications and benefits. After you use them a few times, you will be hooked for life and they will become your new must have beach accessory. They will last many years if you give them the love and care they need (see our towel care tips here) and in return you will have a lot of fun memories with them.

Our Turkish towels are loomed in Turkey by a 5th generation towel manufacturer with over 100+ years experience. So rest assured you are getting a quality towel, with years of history to go with it. What are you waiting for, Get Your Beach On and check out our must have Island Bum Turkish Towels.. Click here to become an Island Bum..


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