Island Bum™.. The Story, The Life, The Saga!

The “Island Bum” Story

Island Bum™ is a lifestyle brand where: Beach Bum meets Island Luxury. We are based on the simple ideals that revolve around the islands. Its the feeling you get whether you’re beach side or on a remote island where there isn't a worry in the world.

Here at Island Bum™ we like to have fun, but we are also based on the morals of giving back to keep the natural beauty of the islands as untouched as when we left it. We strive to use the most natural, luxury materials and fabrics to provide you with the best product at a quality price. 

Are you in the Island Bum state of mind? Get Your Beach On™ and follow us on all social media #islandbum for news and updates on how you can get more involved. If you see us on the beach or out at an event, come say hi as we love a good story.


“Tiki Joe"™ 


 Island Bum™.. The Story, The Life, The Saga!

Meet “Tiki Joe”… Tiki Joe™ is the name of the lad relaxing under the palm tree. He is part of Island Bum’s logo.  Tiki Joe is the ‘Island Bum’ many of us strive to be in our daily lives while we are day dreaming of being island side, and having no worries. It is the part of where we mentally put ourselves in the most beautiful place in the world; where we are happiest and most content with life.

As the brand continues to grow, so does the Island Bum family. Local boaters, fishermen, sailors, divers, and beach goers alike are living the Island Bum lifestyle. Whether you are out diving, boating, fishing, sailing, or just sitting at work reminiscing about that one trip to the islands where all your stress melted away, then you are in the Island Bum state of mind.